Italian Tiramisu!!

1 Jul

Its party time! Js’s nephew is turning 1, so my sister inlaw planned a small get together at her home. I decided it was actually a Tiramisu time, when all girls like to sit and chill and take a bite of oozing rum tiramisu. The amalgamation of the cream with rum is to die for. I am not sure whether I like the dessert or the liquor in it but certainly the outcome is stupendous.

Tiramisu is a coffee flavored dessert. I am not a big fan of coffee but the combination with rum adds on the flavor. It is one of the very popular Italian desserts. The Italian biscuits (lady fingers, savoriadi) are soaked in kahlua syrup and the tiramisu cream is added to it. The soft biscuits and the creamy tiramisu blends well with rum added to it.

This dessert is becoming quite popular in the cosmopolitans cities of India. Usually I used to look out for places which would serve great Tiramisu but ever since I can make at home. I obviously prefer the home one. It is actually better than what you might get at a restaurant. I love sharing recipes with you which are world class. SO GO AHEAD AND TRY THIS ONE!!



2 egg yolks

100gm sugar

25ml water

175 gm mascarpone cheese

250 gm Rich cream-whipped

4 tsp gelatine

3 tsp coffee powder mixed in 2 tsp hot water

1 tbsp rum

1 tsp vanilla essence

1 pack Savoiardi


Kahlua Syrup (for soaking)

3/4 cup hot water

2 tsp coffee

1 tbsp sugar

2 tbsp rum



  • To prepare the Tiramisu mixture: beat the egg yolks in a bowl with a whisk for 2 minutes and Keep aside.
  • Mix sugar and water in a pan. Bring to boil, stirring once or twice. Remove from fire.
  • Add hot sugar syrup into egg yolks, stirring all times. Keep aside.
  • Mix gelatine with 1/4 cup water and keep aside to swell for 2-3 minutes. Melt on very low heat for few seconds.
  • Add gelatine to sugar-egg mixture.
  • Add 3 tsp coffee dissolved in 2 tsp hot water and mix. Add essence and rum.
  • Add mascarpone cheese and mix well. Fold in whipped cream.
  • Make kahlua syrup by add all the ingredients.
  • In a desert bowl, place the savoiardi neatly. Soak the biscuits with kahlua syrup. Pour the tiramisu mixture on it.
  • Sieve some cocoa powder on it and refrigerate for atleast 4-5 hours.



 Yummilicious Tiramisuuuu!!!!!!!!


One Response to “Italian Tiramisu!!”

  1. Chitwan August 21, 2014 at 12:55 AM #

    Thanks for the recipe Sahiba. My husband compared it to the Tiramisu you get at Hyatt. Yummy………..

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